Python Certificate Training

With many large scale applications and big data solutions looking towards easy programming techniques, Python has become the most sought after language, for its simplistic and holistic approach. This course makes you an expert in Python from ground up.

Courses Details

With many large scale applications and big data solutions looking towards easy programming techniques, Python has become the most sought after language, for its simplistic and holistic approach. Spreading across 40 hours, this course teaches you all the concepts that are required to implement real world solutions in python.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Setup the environment to run python
  • Understand the python architecture
  • Understand the basic datatypes in python
  • Implement decision making and loop through statements
  • Implement Lists and Tuples
  • Implement Sets and Dictionaries
  • Work with dates and times
  • Define your own functions
  • Work with modules
  • Implement File I/O
  • Handle Errors and Exceptions
  • Implement Object Oriented Programming
  • Implement concurrent programming with Threads
  • Read/write data from/to databases


Anyone interested in learning a programming language can go for this course,however knowledge of some programming aspects will be helpful.

Module 1

    Python Introduction

  • Introduction to Python
  • Why Python
  • Python Features
  • Python Implementations
  • Setup Python
  • Setup Jupyter Notebook
Module 3

    Data Structures

  • Iterators
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Sets
  • Dictionaries
  • Comprehensions (List,Set,Dict)
Module 5


  • Modules
  • Packages
  • Importing and Module Search Path
  • Read/Write data from/to files
  • Handle CSV files
  • Handle JSON files
  • Handle URL's
  • Interact with the OS
Module 7

    Errors and Exceptions

  • Exceptions
  • Exception Handling
  • User Defined Exceptions
  • Tracebacks
  • Clean-Up Actions
Module 2

    Python Basics

  • Datatypes,Operators and Variables
  • Memory Management and Garbage Collection
  • Decision Making with if
  • Control Structures for Looping
  • using range() function
  • break,continue and pass statements
Module 4


  • Define functions
  • Default arguments
  • Keyword arguments
  • Arbitrary arguments
  • Lambda expressions
  • map,reduce and filter functions
Module 6

    Object Oriented Programming

  • Introduction to OOP
  • Classes and Objects
  • Instance Variables and Class Variables
  • Class Methods, Static Methods and Dunder Methods
  • Property Decorators - Setters,Getters and Deleters
  • Inheritence
  • Method Resolution Order
  • Object Persistence
Module 8

    Standard Library

  • Introduction to GUI Programming
  • Thread Programming
  • Database Programming
  • Introduction to Pandas


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07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Mon - Fri ( Regular )


Assignments based on real world case studies, are provided,at the end of every concept, to enhance your practical implementation of what you learn in the class.



Any course is incomplete without a project.We provide a range of real world case studies and encourage every student to implement one of those , as part of the course-end project.


Life-Time Access

Once you enroll with us for a course, you get a life time access to that course, which entitles you for a free repetition of a concept or a part of the course or the entire course itself.



We certify you,based on the assignments submitted and the project work done at the end of the course.

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