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Every application, small and enterprise scale alike, requires data management at some level, which is where this course comes in.This course is the programmer's course in Oracle Database, that teaches you SQL and PL/SQL.

Courses Details

Every application, small and enterprise scale alike, requires data management at some level, which is where this course comes in.This course is the programmer's course in Oracle Database, that teaches you SQL and PL/SQL. Spreading across 50 hours, it trains you extensively in SQL and PL/SQL - the two most essential components required in making you an Oracle Database programmer.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Understand Data processing models
  • Differentiate RDBMS from HDBMS and NDBMS
  • Create/modify/delete table structures
  • Insert/update/delete data from oracle tables
  • Use different oracle built-in functions
  • Retrieve data from oracle tables
  • Filter and order data
  • Perform data grouping
  • Join data from multiple tables
  • Write complex queries using subqueries
  • Write complex queries using WITH
  • Perform Top-N analysis
  • Implement hierarchical queries
  • Flashback deleted tables
  • Implement data integrity using constraints
  • Manage transactions
  • Control data access using grant and revoke
  • Work with views
  • Fine tune data retrieval with indexes and clusters
  • Understand the structure of a pl/sql block
  • Write anonymous blocks as well as named blocks
  • Use cursors within PL/SQL blocks
  • Write stored functions
  • Write stored procedures
  • Differentiate parameter modes
  • Build custom packages
  • Implement complex triggers
  • Work with objects
  • Work with object tables
  • Work with varrays and nested tables


This course is open to anyone who is interested in taking up Database programming , though there are no explicit pre-requisites, knowledge of a programming language will prove helpful.

Module 1

    Introduction to DBMS

  • Understand the term DBMS
  • Types of Databases
  • Types of Database Management Systems
  • Types of Data Processing Models
  • Why Oracle DB
  • Features of Oracle DB
Module 3

    SQL - Part 1

  • Oracle Datatypes
  • Create a Table
  • Alter a Table
  • Drop a Table
  • Flashback a Table
  • Insert data into a Table
  • Update data in a Table
  • Delete data from a table
Module 5

    SQL- Part 3

  • Group Data
  • Rollup VS Cube
  • Join Tables
  • Sub queries
  • Top-N analysis
  • Hierarchical queries
Module 7

    PL/SQL - Part 1

  • Drawbacks of SQL
  • Introduction to PL/SQL
  • PL/SQL Architecture
  • Anonymous Blocks Vs Stored Blocks
  • Anatomy of a PL/SQL Block
  • Datatypes in PL/SQL
  • Working with Records
  • Control Structures
Module 9

    Objects in Oracle

  • Object Types
  • Object Tables
  • Object Inheritance
  • Object Views
  • VArrays
  • Nested Tables
Module 2

    Introduction to Oracle

  • History Of Oracle
  • Oracle Editions
  • Oracle Versions
  • Setting up Oracle DB
Module 4

    SQL - Part 2

  • Understand the Select Command
  • Selection Vs Projection
  • Understand NULL in Oracle
  • Order data
  • Implement Multi-table Insert
  • Understand DUAL Table
  • Oracle Built-in Functions
Module 6

    SQL - Part 4

  • Constraints
  • Views
  • Sequences
  • Security
  • Transaction Management
Module 8

    PL/SQL - Part 2

  • Exception Handling
  • Cursors
  • Static Vs Dynamic Cursors
  • Stored Procedures
  • Stored Functions
  • Packages
  • Parameter Modes
  • DB Triggers


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Baratam. Yasaswi

Associate Software Engineer
Tech Mahindra

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Potta. Swati

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Bandi. Kalyani

Programmer Analyst
Cognizant Technology Solutions(CTS)

I had learned Oracle and Java in Sai Sri Info solutions (SSIS) institute. I'm an Electrical and Electronics student I know only C programming before joining SSIS but now due to Sir's explanation I learnt Java and Oracle.Sir explained each and every topic clearly.

Grandhi. Supriya

Associate Systems Engineer
HCL Technologies



07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Assignments based on real world case studies, are provided,at the end of every concept, to enhance your practical implementation of what you learn in the class.



Any course is incomplete without a project.We provide a range of real world case studies and encourage every student to implement one of those , as part of the course-end project.


Life-Time Access

Once you enroll with us for a course, you get a life time access to that course, which entitles you for a free repetition of a concept or a part of the course or the entire course itself.



We certify you,based on the assignments submitted and the project work done at the end of the course.

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